PCB Durable Labels

JuneRecently Dave Genest, Polyonics’ Marketing and Communications Manager, published an article at www.US-Tech.com discussing causes and solutions to ESD from labels and tapes in the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing world.

In today’s PCB manufacturing scene barcodes, packaging tapes, and labels are vital to efficient production. However, these materials traditionally cause Electro Static Discharge which results in product failure. It is estimated that “product losses due to ESD can be up to 7% of manufacturing costs”.

By using ESD safe tapes and labels, PCB manufacturers and assemblers can reduce failures significantly. Polyonics offers a full line of labels and tapes that can be safely adhered and removed from a product throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Read the full article Here for all of the details.

durable label material1) Increased Use of Highly Active Fluxes

Flux is a highly acidic substance that is used in the manufacture of PCBs to remove oxides from contact surfaces and chemically prepare them for soldering.  An ideal flux helps create strong solder joints while leaving a minimal amount of residue to be cleaned post soldering. Traditionally rosin based fluxes were used, but more and more companies have switched to highly active (ORH1), water based, no clean fluxes. These new fluxes are able to more easily dissolve oxides due to their stronger acidic characteristics plus they don’t require a cleaning process which helps reduce manufacturing costs. Continue reading