Polyonics manufactures a variety of label materials that comply with the ASTM E595 standard for low out (or off) gassing (LOG). The E595 standard was developed by NASA to screen low outgassing materials for use in ultra-critical space applications, but has since been adopted by many other industries where materials are used under vacuum and levels of out gassing needs to be carefully controlled. These include electronics (hard drives, PCBs, etc.), microelectronics (wafers, chips, etc.), avionics, etc.

Product Description TML CVCM WVR
XF-509 1mil matte black 0.84% 0.01% 0.70%
XF-528 1mil gloss white 0.81 0.02 0.71
XF-581 1 mil gloss white, flame retardant 0.62 0.01 0.57
XF-582 2mil gloss white 0.70 0.01 0.60

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